I would be lying if I said music and long journeys are not as important a combination as ketchup with fries, peanut butter with jam, fish and chips with tartar and I am not sure why I keep thinking of food combos, but you get the point.

Music gives me life.

It makes living easy. It brings me back to me, if I strayed away.

I just cannot sit in a car with bad music. I just can't.

When I was young, I listened to terrible music that came along my way from my surroundings, and thank god for all the amazing people in my life who brought with them, such lovely music that I can't imagine my life without now.

Every time I Uber, I ask,' Sir do you have an aux or bluetooth that I can attach my phone to, if it's not too much trouble?'. On transits, flights and ferries, I am completely a part of the journey because the music stitches everything together.

One of the bigger motivations to learn driving for me was always the freedom to drive somewhere far away to watch a beautiful sunset and listen to music on the way - I just know how my creative juices flow then.

Here's the playlist for you if you love to take drives or are on long journeys with someone or by yourself.

Small choices like these, I believe change the bigger things in our lives (for the better).

You can add this Spotify playlist for future drives from here.

This playlist features the wonderful music by Moby, The Shacks, BADBADNOTGOOD & many amazing artists...

I hope you when you are transitioning, you play this playlist, that I keep adding on to 🙂

If you do reach a sunset, make sure to take a photograph (even it's from a phone) and send it to me at nadiya@photopoetsociety.com! I'd love to receive that email 🙂

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